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Cookie policy

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This cookie policy is applicable on the MPM International Oil Company platform. This concludes all linked mpmoil.* domains and apps of MPM Oil. Our office can be found at Cyclotronweg 1 in Delft, The Netherlands. For this document we use MPM Oil as abbreviation of our company name MPM International Oil Company.

We find it upmost important for you to know which cookies we initialize and for what purpose we use them. In this cookie policy we will explain what type of cookies we distinguish, why we use them, how we ask for consent and for what period the cookies will remain valid.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data carriers stored on your device (like your computer, tablet or phone) while visiting websites, like mpmoil.*. The most important function of a cookie is to store tiny user related data. In this cookie policy, we will handle simular techniques - like web-beacons, Flash-cookies and device fingerprinting - likewise.

Why and what type of cookies do we use?

Cookies help MPM Oil to keep our platform safe, fast and accessible. Cookies help you to store your most recent searches, user preferences, entered license plate lookups and keep you logged in for easy accessibility. With this type of functionality we improve the user experience of our platform by creating a better, easier and more personal experience. We might also show you personalized advertisements to improve our brand connection with our users.

Some of our cookies that we use on our platform, also include personal data. In our privacy policy we explain in more detail how we handle privacy data.

In our cookie policy we distinguish several types of cookies; functional, analytic, personalized and advertisement cookies. For each category, we will list the related cookies and for what reason they are used.

Functional cookies

Are required for proper functioning of our MPM platform. Examples of such cookies are:

  • Cookies that are used to save your region and language preference, or are used for keeping you logged in, or to help you find your latest search requests;
  • No-follow cookies, which help us determine what cookies we may place on your device;
  • Load-balancing cookies, which help us distribute the network traffic in order to keep our platform fast.

Analytic cookies

These cookies give us information about the quality and effectiveness of our services. We distinguish this type of cookie in to:

  • Analytic cookies that measure the quality and the effectiveness of the MPM Oil platform;
  • A/B-testing cookies, which we use to test interface changes;
  • Platform and performance monitoring cookies, that help us maintain a stable platform.

To determine which parts of our platform are the most interesting for our visitors, we use tools like Google Analytics to continuously measure the amount of visitors on our platform, to check how often our tools are used and to measure the platform's performance. We use this information to generate statistics and to help creating improvements for the platform and our services that are in benefit of the user experience.

Please select the 'Analytic' tab for more information about these type of cookies.

Personalized cookies

Are used to create an user profile that helps us match relevant information in order for the user to find the desired information more quickly. We aim to create a pleasant, personalized & consistent user experience among the devices that you use for the MPM Oil platform. You have to consent in order for us to use these type of cookies.

The user profile shall be used for personalisation of the MPM Oil platform, for marketing and advertisement purposes.

The tab 'Personalisation' offers more detail about the related cookies.

Social media cookies

These cookies are used by us and our social media channels. Your user behaviour on and outside the MPM Oil platform, and also among the different devices that you use, attribute to your user profile. This results in personalized content across all our portals and channels.

On the 'Social media' tab you find a detailed list with the related cookies.

For each type of cookie, you can see its storage details on the related cookie type tab. Please review our privacy policy that holds the period for which we save personal data that was retrieved via cookies.

We try to inform you as good as possible about the type of cookies and their applications. All 'functional' cookies and 'analytic' cookies - as differentiated in 'Why and what type of cookies do we use?' - are placed instantly when you use the MPM Oil platform. For placing 'personalisation' cookies and 'advertisement' cookies we require your consent. You consent, after we show you the cookie banner, by keeping use of the MPM Oil platform, or by closing the cookie banner.

In case you do not want to consent, we offer you the possibility to keep using the MPM Oil platform without 'personalisation' and 'advertisement' cookies.

Via the cookie policy you are able to change your cookie preferences.

If you do not want us, or other parties, place cookies on your device at all, then you could change your internet browser settings. In this way you can receive a warning before any cookies are placed or can deny any cookie placement at all. Via your internet browser, you can also delete already placed cookies. Please note that you have to apply these settings to each internet browser on each used device. These settings might not always be applicable on techniques that are similar to cookies.

Be aware that we can not fully guarantee a full pleasant user experience of the MPM Oil platform if you do not consent to the use of cookies.

If you would like to know more about changing your internet browser settings, please utilize the help function of your internet browser. You can also use one of the links below to go to the manual of your internet browser:

Regarding the advertisement networks and advertisement techniques that MPM Oil uses and which are like MPM Oil also responsible for obtained user information, you are able to find more information about the processing of user data by these parties via the links below:

Occasionally, we have to update this cookie statement. This could be as result of new functionality of the MPM Oil platform, or as result of co-operating with new parties, or because of changes in laws and regulations in relation to cookies. We may change the content and policy of the cookies used by the MPM Oil platform, without notifying upfront. In case new personalisation and/or advertisement cookies are used, we will show the cookiebar and you will be once more asked for your consent. You can always go to this page to check for our latest cookie statement.

We are and would like to stay as open as possible in our utilisation of cookies. In case you have any questions, remarks or found cookies on our platform that are not mentioned in this cookie policy, please contact us.

This cookie policy has been changed on July 24th, 2019.

Required for proper functioning of our MPM platform.

Name Description
MPM Used to store the user session and login status of the user
cart Used to store products/services which are added to the cart by the user
regionConfirmed Set when confirming your current locale
oilSpecialistRequested Used to store the status if the user requested to become an oil specialist
newsletter-subscribed Used to show or hide the newsletter form if the user has already subscribed
cookieconsent_status Used to store if cookie consent is given

These cookies give us information about the quality and effectiveness of our services.

Name Description
_ga Used for Google Analytics
_gid Used for Google Analytics

Cookies that create a personalised user experience.

Name Description
recent-activity Stores your recently viewed products to easily go back to them

These cookies are used by us and our social media channels.

Name Description
Facebook pixel Facebook pixel used to measure conversions